Hello!, And thank you for stoping by!

The new website is up and running, and I hope this will make getting in touch with me a little easier for everyone. Though some of you may not, I remember the days of myspace,…of top 8’s and profile songs.

One day, I think we will remember instagram too.

Lately, I see artists every single day talking about how unhappy they are with the social media platforms we have, and how bad they can be for handling their business. While the internet has given everyone with access to  a computer voice, it seems everyone with access just uses that voice to argue(an exchange of ideas would be nicer). I think a large part of the problem is that to us artists….social media is a very different thing than it is to the “social” it was meant for, and is largely being used by. I have occasionally picked up the instagram of a non-tattooer to see this for myself, and its stark in comparison to my own. A non-tattooers instagram is wildly differnt from mine, filled with way less artwork and intentionally targeted posts, and way more of the rest of the internet …which is largely made of …..well, you’ve seen it yourself. Overall, I just dont see social media as the best platform to do actual business right now. Also, with the amount of time I spend working on my tattooing, I dont think its healthy to spend that much time on “the gram”. 

I will continue to use the various social platforms for as long as they are available; and I do think that they can be very useful to use in the creative field to spark interest and get the work out there. I will, however,  be pushing people to visit the site more for actual booking.

All and all, my tattooing has outlived several social media platforms and I intend on outlasting many more. The tattoos I make on my clients will be there in 20 years wether or not we are “friends” or “followers” or whatever the next thing is. I want to know that there is a place I can be found and reached in 2040 regardless of what the next internet billionaire decides to lay out for us. So please bookmark or favorite this site and check back often. Thanks, see ya around!