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Hey everyone! If you only follow me here, its been a while! Much has been going on both at home and at the shop over the last few months, so let me start with a quick recap and I’ll fill in the blanks over the next couple of posts.

Fall is in full swing here in the garden state! Much like the crimson leaves that tell us autumn is here… and then disappear all too soon, there have been many awesome guests passing through the shop as of late. If you haven’t checked them out already, you might want to visit some of these fine tattooing folks that have come down to our little spot recently. From up north Pat Sinatra has been making regular visits. From over the pond all the way in Germany, Sarah JL came over to lay down some nice ink and great company. From down south Misty Kilgore and company came up. The always fun Monica Moses has been coming out to play; and fellow needle jockey, painter, and lover of video games Ryan Thompson just recently came up to do some tattooing and to celebrate with us. Celebrate what, you say?

The Shop just had its ten year anniversary this month! Thank you to everyone that came out to share the day, and to all the people that couldn’t make it….but still made it all possible with your years of support! Stop by her page and congratulate Jen Carmean if you have a minute!

Also in the “whats new” of things, the shop now has a new apprentice! Please check out our own Jenny Lynn and show some support as she takes on this adventure we call “tattooing”.

Lots of new improvements to the site on the technical end of things, so posting should be back to a more regular frequency. Stay tuned as i have a TON of new work i’ll be sharing in the next few weeks…, who doesn’t like a good rambling. Keep checking back and see you soon!


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