The late November blog..


Hey everyone! Sorry for the terribly long hiatus from getting on my website (old habits, right?). Lots of going-ons in November, and i will try to make several updates this month to catch you all up on the recent  happenings and what-nots. But for now, this tasty byte of info is in the oven and soon to be ready to enjoy. This year i am happy to announce i will not only be doing the Philadelphia convention again; but will be hitting the city of brotherly love with a bang up group of my fellow tattoo brothers and sisters. Jen Carmean, Emma Griffiths, Chris Amile, and myself will be working a pair of squares together. Check out their work, and please come say hi to us all. Good times will ensue, awesome tattoo work will be put out and taken in, and much food will be eaten at terminal market. Truly, as they say, it’s “the city that loves you back”. If you are interested in getting tattooed by me while we are down there, please email me (…and the sooner the better while i still have time! I’ll be posting updates and reminders over the next couple of months, so as always, thanks for looking!! Check back again soon for some recent tattoos and sketches!

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