wolves will be wolves…

Welcome to davidspataro.com, home of New Jersey based tattoo artist and painter…David Spataro. Here you will find tattoos, artwork of various mediums, and the occasional rambling. Stay a while and check out what I’ve been up to, and what i have coming up in the future. Also, feel free to check me out on Facebook and Instagram. If you are interested in getting a tattoo, commissioning or purchasing artworks, or have any questions or comments please send me an email through the contact page, or at davey@davidspataro.com.

Nj Re-opening Stage 2

Yesterday (6/1/20) the New Jersey Governor announced that “Phase 2” of re-opening the state economy will begin on 6/15. On 6/22 nail salons, barber shops, and “limited personal care” businesses will be allowed to open again, thought likely with some restrictions. We are currently waiting for official confirmation as to wether or not this will […]

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Website re-work with major updates all around!

With it being 2020 and all, I thought it was long overdue that I thoroughly update the site. Since its last major update, social media has evolved dramatically , and has now been integrated directly into the site and some of its visual feeds. Online shopping is now a bigger, safer, and easier than ever. […]

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Major gallery update!

Hey everyone! Major update this week to the tattoo gallery and a few new sketches in the artwork section. If you wanted to check out all the recent stuff in one place, take a look! Also, we have a new hire this week who’s info i’ll post soon so you can check him out too! […]

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Back to binary…

Hey everyone! If you only follow me here, its been a while! Much has been going on both at home and at the shop over the last few months, so let me start with a quick recap and I’ll fill in the blanks over the next couple of posts. Fall is in full swing here […]

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